Make the most of winter training

What's your Focus?

This is a package of 5 one to one coaching sessions:-

  • First an unmounted session either virtually via Zoom, Whatsapp or Facetime, or we csn meet face to face for a coffee. During this session we will look at your current performance level, what your goals are and what may be holding you back. 

  • Then 3 mounted sessions where I will encourage you to work on exercises that will improve your horses way of going and develop balance and strength. I will also encourage you to use a training journal, to record your coaching sessions and any schooling sessions you do in between.

  • Finally another unmounted meeting to look back at how we have done, and look forward to the next steps

Package Price 


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The things you cannot change

The Things you can change

Please complete my rider development form.

Once filled, please keep contact details up to date

  • All 5 sessions must be taken within 2 months.

  • Arena hire fees are not included in the cost.

  • Travel over 15 miles from my base in Monkton Farleigh will incur travel costs unless for more than 1 rider.

  • I will require all riders to sign a rider development form which contains my coaching guidelines for safe practice in the current Covid situation and beyond.

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