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Progress not Perfection Mindset coaching

The 30 minute performance analysis session for Equestrians who want:

👉 to assess an area of their life

👉 identify where they want to make changes

👉 make a plan to implement these changes

This may be planning steps forwards in your partnership with your horse, but it can be any area of your life, like getting fitter or gaining qualifications.

£30.00 per 30-45 mnute session

Sessions available at the times shown on my BookWhen page. Please select the slot you wish to book. 

Starting January 2023
What's your Focus?

This is a package of 4 one to one unmounted coaching sessions:-

Unmounted sessions either virtually via Zoom, Whatsapp, or we can meet face to face for a coffee.

During these session we will look at:

  • your current performance level, and where you would like to be. This will enable us to consider what may be holding you back. 

  • having considered your performance we can look at what your goals are and how you plan to achieve them.

  • we will then get together once a month to see how you are getting on, all 4 sessions to be taken within 90 days.

  • each session will be 30-45 minutes, when booking please book a Progress Not Perfection session.


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