How I can help you.

I am continually developing my skills as a coach, and this means the services I offer my clients are also developing. Keep an eye on this page to see what is new.

As a Dressage judge and a coach I enjoy seeing my clients grow in confidence and understanding to help them develop with their horses

  • One to one coaching

    I am available for both flat and jump training at your yard, or for mindset development, goal setting and performance profiling out of the saddle.

  • Free "Ride The Right Circle" course

    This is a very short course that explains the importance of circles in the training of our horses.

    Click on the link to access this course.

  • Where Do The Marks Go?

    • Do you get similar comments on your test sheets?

    • Do you wonder how to get an 8, maybe a 9, or that rare thing, a 10?

    • Do you ever wonder what it is the judge is looking for?


    Recently it has become clear to me that many competitors are losing marks for similar errors when they present a test. Some of these errors require consistent training to correct, but some are misunderstandings on the part of the rider that are easily corrected, but need to be pointed out.

  • What's Your Focus

    This is a package of 5 one to one coaching sessions:-

    • First an unmounted session via Zoom or Facetime, until we are free to meet face to face for a coffee. During this session we will look at your current performance level, what your goals are and what may be holding you back. 

    • Then 3 mounted sessions where I will encourage you to work on exercises that will improve your horses way of going and develop balance and strength. I will also encourage you to use a training journal, to record your coaching sessions and any schooling sessions you do in between.

    • Finally another unmounted meeting to look back at how we have done, and look forward to the next steps

  • Clinics at Lacock Equestrian Centre

    Clinics at Lacock will be back as soon as lockdown restrictions allow. Groups are a maximum of 4 riders, and we work on flat and over poles to develop the horses way of going and improve connection between horse and rider.

  • Geometry and the long arena

    Coming soon

    A course on how the circles and other movements "fit" in the 60 metre arena. many people are wary of attempting a long arena test. This course will help dispell many of the fears.

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