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Horse Project 'Back in the Saddle'

OK I think you could say I'm in a better place than 7 days ago. Thank you to all who offered help & needed kicks in a certain area.

Life is what  we make it & no one else is going to get me fit, I have to put the work in, with guidance & support of course but it's going to be my sweat & tears that get me back out there.

I have been sitting on my boy as often as I can and I'm pleased to say it's not causing me pain anymore, which is great.  Unfortunately if I try to trot the weakness of my legs shows up.

Today (Tuesday) I went for a hack with Raffi.  He was a good boy, and when we had a 'look' that involved Alfie slamming both front feet down it didn't hurt at all. Before Christmas that move bought tears to my eyes every time. So that was the fracture which is now healed. Hooray 😀

The worst bit was getting off. My ankles had begun to complain on the way home and they weren't too keen on holding me up. The ankle braces kept me upright, thankfully, I didn't want to end up on my backside on the floor. Alfie stood like a rock bless him. Just as well as my right leg got a little caught on the cantle.

Alfie needs a new saddle and there are areas of saddle fit vital for me too, a high cantle is a no no! I am applying for grants to help me get a saddle made for both of us. 🤞

It's so embarrassing.  I can't keep my balance in trot, and can barely give him any leg aids at all.  Heaven help me, I have to learn to ride all over again. My too supple ankles need braces when I ride & unfortunately none of my boots fit over them so now I'm looking for a company that can make me a pair of boots, either incorporating the braces in the boot or to fit over them.  Any ideas of companies to approach gratefully recieved.

I have a feeling there may be lunge lessons in my future to re-establish my position, and I really need an exercise bike to strengthen my legs.

Lots of financial planning & fund raising to do I think!

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