Horse Project: Back in the saddle

Ever wished you could turn the clock back? Just for a day, so you could not do something?

Yesterday I went for a Motability funded driving assessment to see what, if any, modifications I should have on my Motability car.

So I chatted with the driving assessor and the occupational health therapist, explaining that my car is a manual, I find I need ankle braces when I'm tired to control my hyper-mobile ankles, and as my right leg is my weaker leg an automatic didn't sound sensible to me.

They tested my vision - all fine. Reaction times were good too BUT if I'm not looking at them, I'm not sure where my feet are.

Although I may not choose a Ford car, I will be ordering a car with hand controls.

I was taken out for a test drive, and took to using the hand controls 'like a duck to water'.  Apparently riding a horse is good training for you body to accept the hands taking control.

My legs are worse than I thought they were. This is NOT what I wanted to hear.

I can work on fitness & build up strength - but will I get feeling & awareness back.

Oh well. Sod the MS. Today I got my pony therapy. Took the dogs with me to visit Midge this morning.

Then went to Talland to watch Raffi ride Alfie, working on shoulder in, engaging his quarters & developing some cadence in his trot.

I had a sit on to cool him down, which was great as usual. Had another go at trotting, and had better balance again.

Lunge lesson on Thursday.

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