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Horse Project: Back in the saddle

Well it's been a kind of weird week and I feel like I haven't stopped, but haven't achieved all that much either.

Life seems full of positives and frustrations. Of course the big fella is a positive, while the distance between him and me remains a frustration.

Spoiled pony has an 80's schooling mix from  Equidance  which I love & is really motivating me to get fit enough to ride him in walk, trot & canter.

I also finally get to use my Equiblast wrist speaker so Alfie & I can both hear the music, Alfie likes it too.

I sit on Alfie whenever I can, walking to cool him after Raffi rides. I have been increasing the steps of trot so last week had a lunge lesson with Mike at Talland  which was informative. 

My right leg really is a lot weaker than the left one. My left leg kind of locks on while the right one swings in the breeze, no wonder Alfie has struggled with moving away from the left leg, horses move into pressure & my left leg has been constantly gripping so he has moved into it rather than away. 

Raffi has done a great job sorting Alfie out, now it's time to try to sort me out.

My next lesson with Mike is booked for Tuesday, though he'll be happy to hear it isn't a lunge lesson.

My lovely fitness coach Helen is finding new ways to get my wayward limbs back under control. Arm strength is not a problem. It's balance & those pesky legs we work on most.

New trainers have arrived, hopefully these will grip Helens gym floor so I don't slip doing my lunges & squats!

Major positive; I have ordered my Motability car, a Ford EcoSport in the blue you see in the picture.

Down side, 12 week wait for my new car. 

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