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Horse Project: Back in the saddle.

You know those days when you really don't know whether to curl up & hide or stick 2 fingers up to life & pray you don't run out of energy?

This wonderful picture of my old horse, Rodney, was taken by a lovely gentle man with a truly beautiful soul. Andrew died very suddenly after a catastrophic stroke.

When I struggle I look at this, and other pictures he took and remember that I still have lots that I want to do, and no one knows how much time they have.

When my beautiful orange boy was taken from me by colic - sudden though not really unexpected, there were so many things I hadn't done with him.  

It was only when I lost him that I realised how much he had been looking after me and adjusting to my weak legs. Finding a new horse was tough. I really hope Alfie is going to manage carrying his 'wonky' rider.

Had to share this beautiful picture of Alfie. Nick from Events Through a Lens got some lovely shots when he visited me. This is one I focus on when life & a wonky body are getting me down. Unfortunately Alfie is not just down the road at the moment. It's a two & a half hour round trip, so riding every day is out of the question. How do you get fit to ride?

I had a lovely lesson today, and was holding back tears when I dismounted. I was riding a Talland school horse with a slow rhythm to his trot, but he's bouncy! My right leg swings back making my shoulders tip forwards & balance goes out the window.

I know what's going wrong & why but how do I stop it?

Today I felt useless, fat & wobbly on that poor horse.  I actually caught myself thinking 'I can't do this'.  Not good!

How do I keep my focus positive?

If you can zoom in to Alfie's eye you can see why this is my one of my favourite photo's.

Horses have been my life since I was 8 years old. The relationship between horse & human is what keeps me fighting, especially on days like this. I can't sit in his stable & cry, so I focus on photos and the goals I have.

So now I'm off to Aqua Zumba which never fails to put a smile on my face.

Hopefully next time I post it'll be cheerful. Any suggestions to keep my focus positive & strengthen both legs, particularly the right one, gratefully received. 😁

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