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Horse Project: Back in the saddle.

I've been forgetting this isn't just a blog about getting me back in the literal saddle, though that is important.  I also need to get my work life back on track.

Since my little hospital visit in January I have passed my first Judging exam and became a list 5 British Dressage judge.

Judging is always a challenge, and one I truly enjoy. I have passed parts one & two of the list 4 exam, but I have to wait til March, when I'll have been list 5 for a year, to take part three.

Unfortunately judging is not a full time job, so I need to look for something else.  Something else I have loved since I was a teenager is teaching/training.

Although the lack of balance caused by MS has put me off jumping myself I do enjoy training others, particularly helping people who struggle with confidence jumping.

So I can judge and teach/train but I also love caring for horses. It is getting harder for me to do the physical work involved in horse care but I'm not giving up yet. During the 30 years I have been caring for horses I have learnt a lot. One of the reasons I love the work is that I'm still learning every day.

I have every intention of taking more  BHS  exams, but I really hope I can find away to train others who want to study horse care as well as riding.

The BHS are launching new challenge awards at the Riding Club National Championships which are aimed at riders and horse owners who are interested in developing their horse care knowledge and riding ability without following the professional pathways. I'm thinking about making the trip up to see the launch and watch the pair's freestyle dressage final.

Meanwhile the website needs to be redesigned using my new strapline:

Knowledgeable Equine advice shared with love.

What do you think?

I'm going to need a new logo too.

Off to try to redesign my website - this is NOT something I enjoy. Procrastination here we come.

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