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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 10: Staples of your Autumn wardrobe

I imagine my response to this heading is going to be similar to some other people's, though I love reading other people's posts where they are following the same headings as me, our responses are all different.

Snuggy Hoods Hand and ear warmers
Snuggy keep my hands and ears warm!

Back to today, I am a Snuggy Hoods fan, not only for my horses, but also for me.

I do most jobs about the yard wearing a pair of their 'Snuggy Hands' which keep my hands really warm, as they are longer than gloves up your wrist they don't leave a gap where they join my sleeve, and leave my fingers free but still keep them warm. I'm not sure how many pairs I have now, but it's a lot. It's definitely time to find where I put them all this summer. I love my earwarmers, also from Snuggy Hoods which protect my ears from cold winds, leaving my head clear to stop me getting too hot.

I am not a fan of long scarves that have to be wrapped around your neck, well not around the horses anyway. I do love my Buffs, another manufacturer calls them 'chutes'. These can be fine slightly stretchy tubes of material that can be worn in various ways. Some have some fleece material at one end. The thin material fit's under a hat, keeping your ears protected from cold wind. A quick visit to the website will show you the many ways of wearing a Buff.

Buff and chute neck warmers
Some of my Buff collecrtion

Let's face it, having worked outdoors most of my adult life, my autumn/winter wardrobe is all about staying warm! Yes waterproofs are important, but so is being warm. Materials have developed so much during my lifetime we now have fantastic lightweight clothing that keeps me lovely and warm, When I was a child we used to wear woolly jumpers to keep warm. Imagine what they looked like after filling haynets! 

The other essential I'm going to mention today is socks. It is so important to have warm, dry feet, I have always found that if my feet are cold, or even worse wet and cold, then I am cold and it takes ages to warm up.

For many years now I have worn Corrymoor Goat hair socks. The hair is amazing, my feet don't sweat (or smell) and stay dry and warm all year. I even have some lovely thick short bedsocks from Corrymoor, go on, check out the website, they make great Christmas presents.

I'm off to see what some of my fellow bloggers have come up with today before I'm busy hosting #TheDressageHour over on Twitter at 8pm

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