#EquestrianBlogtober Day 12: Your Autumn/Winter routine with your horse.

Well I guess my old routine is pretty much gone now but I'll give you a brief overview.

I love teaching all levels

Horses are my work as well as my hobby, so I've been spared crazy early starts, unless it was for a competition. Feeding first thing - after my cup of coffee! Then changing rugs, turning out, riding my boy & any others, lunging if necessary. Mucking out, used to be 10 stables a day. Last year I stopped at 6.

Harriberry is my judging mascot. He proudly wears my BD Judge Pin

Possibly a break for some judging, then bringing in, changing rugs & feeding. Possibly a lesson, sometimes there was a horse or two to clip as well. Kept me busy 7 days a week!

Riding club training on winter evenings is a lovely indoor school

This year I have no idea what my routine will be. Alfie is still at Talland on full livery, so they do everything. He's out at night at the moment but that will change. I'm going to go and clip him next week coz he's a furry bear at the moment.

I have to think about my time management now, which days am I travelling to see Alfie. When am I booked to judge, have I got lessons to teach? I have to get to a point where I am earning enough and improving my fitness, and it isn't easy. Although I am not at full speed at the moment, I am available for all work now, so if you want a horse clipped, lets get it in the diary. Training I am happy to see if I can fit you in. If you are going away and want your horses looked after then lets talk.

Midge is continuing in his happy life with his mates in the field. No plans to change that yet.

I was talking to someone yesterday and I said when I hit a wall with my horse I go to a coach for help. My business is stuck in a rut so..... watch this space.

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