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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 13: What's your perfect/ideal autumn/Winter day.

Beautiful Winter Sunrise
Sunrise on my kind of day this time of year

I can still remember my best ever winter day as if it was yesterday.

It was Christmas day, I was 18 and working for Richard Meade. Clare, the other groom, and I had done as much as we could on Christmas eve to make Christmas day as easy as possible, extra deep beds and filling every haynet we could find.

So I left home at 6.40am did a 3 point turn on the A46 out of Bath, went home, put the Turkey in the oven, and still made it to work by 7. No other traffic on the road, including no policemen to catch me speeding. We didn't have speed cameras back then. 😉

Horses fed & mucked out under clear blue skies, out at 8.30 ride & lead all the horses going out on boxing day. Back, tack cleaned, night haynets outside each stable with spare water buckets for top ups. Night feeds ready for damping & feeding, making it easy for the family who were doing evening stables. 💪💪

10.30 am we went into the house for a drink & presents. 🎁🍹

By 11 I was heading to the livery yard to muck out my own, leave everything ready for the yardowner who was finishing her off for me.

I even managed a lovely ride on her with a good gallop under the winter sun.

It started to rain as I drove home, but that didn't matter! I had phoned to say I was leaving, only very rich people had huge mobile phones back then.

I remember my Dad opening the front door, telling me the bath was ready and handing me a glass of champagne.🥂🍾

Pony in tinsel
Christmas dress up, doesn't Midge look great? Gppd job Izzy

The rest of the day is a boozy haze, but that doesn't matter!😉😊

I absolutely love cold, crisp, sunny mornings and have enjoyed many over the years but that one really stands out.

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