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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 15: last week in pictures

Photo diary of last week.🤔


Photo of Ros Dobson on her horse Alfie
Mirrors are so useful when you haven't got a camera person

Any day I get to ride my pony is a good day.


Alfie the horse sharing an Apple with Para Gold medalist Stephanie <illward OBE
It's cupboard love for Stephanie Millward OBE

2nd day, 2nd ride! Alfie persuaded Stephanie to share her apple with him before I got off.


#TheDressageHour advert
If you're free come join the chat

No ride, but hosted #TheDressageHour lovely hour of virtual chat all things dressage. This week we will be following the announcement of the #HorseBloggers finalists for The Equestrian Blogger of the Year Award 2018!


Midge the pony sticking his tongue out
Stop fussing with my forelock!

Quality time pulling Burdock bits out of Midges forelock - again!


The weather was horrible at Summerhouse on Friday, Raffi and Alfie got soaked, but he managed a 65% test in Novice 39 with an error of course, not surprisingly it was hard to hear the caller!

My filming and editing skills need work, in my defence I had two dogs on leads as well as filming, leaning on my crutch.


Harriberry looking out across a dressage arena
Not quite Saturdays view, but close.


water runnung down the windscrees
It's not easy judging when its pouring down!

Hoping for better stories this week.

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