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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 18: Horse Themed Pumpkin carving.

What??? This theme is one I'm struggling with. I have no children of my own, other than 4 footed ones, which does sadden me but it's too late now, I'm single & that rules it out.

When I was little we lived in Suffolk and a local farmer gave the village school mangols, which were a lot like Swedes, for us to carve for Halloween. Can you imagine hollowing out a Swede? It's not easy, especially when you're 6!

No one went Trick or treating, we had parties with Apple bobbing, toffee apples & marshmallows to eat off a string. It was always fun.

I love the young children coming round every year, it's lovely seeing the costumes, and happy faces. Not so happy with the older ones, the possibility of having to clean eggs off the house does not fill me with festive cheer. Let's be honest, "give us good stuff or we'll egg your house" is extortion with menaces & nothing to do with Halloween.

Back to pumpkin carving, I've seen pictures of amazing works of art which were once pumpkins. Oh to have the time and patience to have a go, but what does every one do with the inside of the pumpkin?

So here's for the honest bit again, I'm in way too much pain to be cheerful today, and pumpkins are not my thing.

I'm going to soak in a hot bath til the aches go away. Back tomorrow, with a smile - I hope!

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