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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 19: Your goals for the Autumn/Winter season.

19 days of blogging and I'm starting to enjoy it. This heading is one I can definitely work with.

Ros trotting Alfie across the diagonal
I want to be back on board WITH BALANCE. I'm fed up of wobbling, though Alfie puts up with it very well.

I am not good at goal setting, I tend to have big ideas, but fail to break them down into achievable steps. It's this problem that sets me up to fail, so I'm getting some help from a coach to help me & my business.

This is not an easy step for me. There is a cost involved, but if I went to a riding coach that would be the same. 30 years in to my working life I'm still dealing with insecurities and issues that have held me back and it's time to give it my best shot to make some changes.

So I guess you could say my first goal is to start to step out of my uncomfortable, unhelpful, disenchanting zone and see if I can find something better.

Even putting this in writing is pretty scary for me, but I've done it now.

I do have other goals, I am currently a list 5 BD judge, I have passed parts 1 and 2 of the list 4 exam, so I am aiming for part 3 in the spring.

I'm thinking about taking my BHS Stable Managers exam. I don't jump any more so the riding wasn't possible for me, but the new structure will allow me to complete my 4 and maybe 5, no decisions or goals yet, but something to think about. The Talland team will rise to the challenge, I'm sure.

Ros on first horse jumping a small spread. Horse has dropped one front leg a bit too low
My first horse and I loved our jumping, even though she could be untidy with her front legs!

My riding is incredibly frustrating. I set a goal for a ride using the previous ride as a guide, then my body refuses to play. Yes there have been tears, times when I truly doubt I'm ever going to get back into a dressage arena. How do you set goals when you're own body let's you down?

A friend gave me some great advice today. Set really small goals. Ride 8 steps of trot, when I can keep my balance, add steps. So simple, and something I can work towards. I may actually have to start with 4 steps, it's that bad at the moment.

Thanks Sharon!

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