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#EquestrianBlogtober day 2

The guide I'm using says Tip Tuesday, and my tip is, whatever you do, find a good coach or mentor.

Also, set yourself goals. Not outrageous ones, little ones that lead you towards the big ones.

We turn to experts when we need to, a doctor when we're ill, a mechanic to fix the car.

My horse is seen by a vet, farrier, dentist, equine therapist, whatever he needs to keep him happy. Like many horse owners, my horse receives more care than me!

I am trying to get fit after fracturing my pelvis. The process is not helped by my multiple sclerosis and hyper-mobile jojoints. I am working with an NHS physiotherapist and a personal trainer, both professionals who work to keep their clients active.

I ride Alfie as often as I can, but the travel time to Talland limits me. At the moment I am working to maintain my balance in trot, but hopefully I'll be able to start working with Pammy Hutton soon. I have always appreciated her training, so while Alfie is at Talland I'm going to make the most of it.

I have trainers I go to for help with my horse, especially when I'm struggling, but at the moment my major struggle is my business. Do I have a business coach? Let me know if you think you may be able to help!

Today I was able to watch a good friend of mine have a lesson at Talland. She hadn't ridden for over 3 years but she managed walk, trot & canter.

I was watching very closely because she is a very special lady.

2 years ago Stephanie Millward MBE achieved her goal of winning a Paralympic GOLD medal. She actually won two golds, in the pool in Rio. The silver & bronze medals were nice, but she got some of those in London. Gold was the goal and she did it.

Now she needs a new goal. She is still swimming, and if she gets the qualifying time she hopes to swim in Tokyo, but that's not new.

Her new goal involves riding. She wants to do Para dressage. We are both going to go for grading, and I hope to be with her on this journey. Small goals to start with. First find her a horse, that's not going to be easy! Meanwhile start improving her position and balance. MS has made my right leg weak, Stephanie is weaker in her left leg, though her right leg isn't great either. It takes a special kind of horse to help with these issues.

Stephanie always has the most amazing smile, especially when she's on a horse.

The team at Talland are very capable of helping both of us, I just hope they are up for the challenge. We both believe it's what you can do that counts, not what's been taken away from you.

Will we see Stephanie in both pool and dressage arena at the Paralympics? Now there's a goal!

Don't forget, click on the link to find other crazy horse people doing the #EquestrianBlogtober challenge

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