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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 22: Monday Motivation, motivational quotes.

Ronald Duncan wrote his beautiful poem, 'The Horse' in 1964. Many of us have grown up hearing the beautiful words being read at the close of the Horse of the Year show, often with a lump in our throats and a tear in our eyes.

This video reproduced the poem with permission from the Ronald Duncan Literary Foundation. HoofRide is the BEFs campaign to encourage people to take up horse sports, something I try to do too.

The horse is my motivation, my therapist, both physical and emotional, and I love sharing the bond we humans can develop with the horses we meet.

A horse is not just a horse, he is sanity, he is happiness, he is a teacher, a therapist, a best friend
An image I saw on FaceBook which really spoke to me.

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