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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 24: What have you done today or are planning to do this week.

Today has been a non starter so far, back pain & trouble standing, my friends with MS will understand. I'm off to deep water Aqua Fit later to see if that gets me moving. It had better, the Terriers want to go and see Midge.

two jack russell dogs playing
Charlie and Bertie are getting bored

These two are used to being yard dogs so they get bored stuck in the house. Hopefully we'll get back to a yard, in the meantime they make do with visiting Midge in his field.

This Friday is my Tysabri infusion day. Every 4 weeks I have an infusion of this disease modifying drug. It is not a cure, but does seem to be holding off MS relapses which is a very good thing. I do find I struggle more than normal the last few days before an infusion, so that may be why today isn't very good.

Knowing my energy levels are going to be low does mean I watch my diary & try not to let it get too full.

Next week I should be able to hit the ground running, particularly as I have a visitor coming on Saturday to help me. So re-branding will be moving ahead. Particularly if I can get my head around Canva!

smart black horse with Ros D Equines logo and strapline 'connecting you and yor horse'
A Facebook Header produced by ByTwig for me

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