#EquestrianBlogtober Day 25: Throwback Thursday.

There are so many things I could write about, and as I'm sitting waiting for my car, contemplating going home to try and get my laptop working, I'll see what comes to mind.

Jumping my bay thoroughbred mare nearly 30 years ago
Jump training with Pat Burgess back in the day.

There are so many things I used to do, and for varying reasons don't anymore. Jumping is one thing, I used to really enjoy, but lack of balance has stopped that. A little bit of me is very tempted to ask the guys at Talland if I can have a little go on one of their stage 2 horses over a tiny cross pole. Maybe when I'm more comfortable in the saddle on the flat again.

I'm really missing being on the yard everyday, looking after the horses, and being a part of the daily banter. Hopefully I will get back to it, but at the moment it's something I'm struggling with. 30 years is a long time to be doing something, and losing it is tough. People tell me I'm getting older (true) and it's time for me to take it easy, (possibly true) problem is I don't want to stop yet.

Chestnut horse lying in deep straw bed eating from a food bowl
Rodney snug in his straw munching on dinner.

I guess the memory I want to share most is the one I used to get at the end of the day on the yard. I'm pretty sure most of the people reading this will have similar memories. No matter what sort of yard I was working on, hunters, eventers, dealers yard, riding school, whichever. That feeling a groom gets as they do a final check round the yard, horses and ponies munching on feed or hay, warm & dry in stables with good deep beds. Nothing beats it. It's the result of seriously hard work during the day, but this feeling makes it all worth while, and I miss it.

Black and white image of a tall, dark horse with a considerably shorter human handler
Horse and handler

This picture reminds me of the link between horse and groom. Some thing that is steeped in history, and will never be made obsolete by a machine. #ThrowbackThursday


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Ps. The car passed it's MOT

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