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#EquestrianBlogtober day 3 A Day in the life of RosDEquine

My life has changed dramatically in the last 12 months. A year ago I was starting my day with the short drive to the livery yard in my home village. Assisted by my two Jack Russell Terriers I provided livery assistance for all owners in the DIY yard.

It's a dogs life

They do wake up when we get to the end of our drive, honest. We used to be busy on the one yard, feeding & turning out, mucking out, then bringing in and feeding. That part of our day has gone, and we don't really have a routine any more.

Time to go

Leaving was tough, and a shock, but I am picking myself up again now.

You may have noticed the lack of proper blog name, in a way I'm hoping this #Blogtober challenge will help me to focus, and find a blog name as part of my re-branding. A new logo is in the pipeline, and I can't wait to share it with you. Once I have that the website is going to have a complete re-design and move host.

Due to health issues with mobility I am focussing on training and judging now. I passed my first BD judging exams in spring this year and was awarded list 5, so I can judge affiliated competitions up to Novice both BD and BE. I passed parts 1&2 of the exams for list 4 in the summer but have to wait 'til spring to take part 3.

Willberry Wonder Pony
Harriberry comes judging with me

I have held my BHSAI for a long time, and passed my stage 4 stable managers exam before my MS diagnosis. I need to retake the Dressage lesson to gain my 4 teach and I'm waiting for the new structure of BHS exams to see if I can do 4 riding flat only, which I think I've already passed. My days of jumping are over, my balance just isn't good enough, it wouldn't be fair on the horse! There was I time when I thought I wouldn't do any more BHS exams, but now.........

I really love teaching, or coaching riders, watching the partnership develop between horse and rider. Now I am also aware that although I may not be as active as I was as a groom, there is a lot of knowledge and experience in my head, where it is absolutely useless unless I share it, so I'm really excited about the new BHS Challenge awards for horse owners. If you want to know more about these, pop a comment below.

I haven't really said anything about my current routine, mostly because I don't really have a daily one. On Sunday evening I look at my diary and work out which days I can make it to Talland to ride Alfie, make sure I know when and where I am teaching and Judging, try to think about #TheDressageHour on twitter, and generally plan my week. each day I check and reply to emails, make sure all appointments are put in my diary as soon as they are made. Double booking yourself is both embarrassing and unprofessional and I hate doing it.

Having this challenge to write a blog post for everyday is very good for me. I'm learning more about how to use social media everyday, tough for an oldie used to working outdoors.

Now to try and add the Equestrian Blog Hop link, so you can see other blogs you might like to read. I am enjoying reading new blogs, but please remember to leave us a comment if you like what you have read.

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