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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 30: Share a horse photo from the past and the story behind it.

Pony cantering free
Midge on the move in his photo shoot with Events Through A Lens

This is not a very old picture, but there is a bittersweet story to it.

Meet Midge everybody.

Midge the new forest cross pony sticking his tongue out for the camera
There's always a cheeky one on photo day!

Midge is a 12.3hh new forest cross we're not sure. 20 years old now I first met him when he was about 2. Lindsey Roswell went with her friend Clare to the New Forest sales and they bought 4 foals. One of whom was Midge.

Midge was backed, and is still very good to long rein, then went to work in the trekking centre run by Clare. He was ridden in both western and English style, mostly walking on the lead rein following the horse in front.

Midge was popular, and Well loved. The trekking centre closed and he went on loan to some lovely people where he had fun jumping and doing other new things.

So Midge had a good life, but something very sad was happening. Midges owner, Lindsey, had cancer in her throat. As she worked in our local, busy, show centre, when she died a lot of people gathered to celebrate her life, cut way too short.

The people who had Midge on loan outgrew him and Clare was worried. She didn't have anywhere to keep him, and she didn't want to sell her last connection to Lindsey.

I saw her add on Facebook. I had been half looking for a pony for my niece, and now I look after Midge for Clare and Lindsay.

As you can see he is a cheeky chap, and everyone loves him. He is now keeping retired racehorses company, and being ridden occasionally.

I wish I had baby pics of him, he was gorgeous, though quite nervous when I first met him. Now he's just spoiled, fat and happy.

Midge and two friends at their field gate
The three amigos

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