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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 31: So what have you learnt, loved and who have you followed through this?

Bertie and Charlie, 2 Jack Russell Terriers dozing on the sofa
Even the dogs are worn out by blogging every day.

The #Blogtober challenge seemed like a great Idea back in September. Looking back I can see I have Rhea Freeman to thank for this idea in the first place. I had already had a little go at blogging and kind of enjoyed it, but I had never really been committed to it. I am glad that I accepted this challenge, it has made me learn how to use IT tools that I have been overlooking for a little too long now.

Huge thanks to Charlotte Miller of for producing a schedule of titles to help guide us through the month.

~Blogtober schedule of headings for the month

With out this I know I would not have made it with a post everyday, even though a few of them didn't trigger any great ideas in my brain, some certainly did. At this point I also want to congratulate Charlotte for her success in the Country Style and Equestrian Blogger of the year Awards announced on Twitter last night.

I have learnt so much this month, and if you look back over my posts you may notice some things which have improved. I can now insert photos, and give them titles, Alt Text and links, if my wix site allows. I can also embed websites and add links to the text where appropriate. Hopefully that is good, but it's all learning for me.

What have I loved? Weirdly I have loved the pressure to post everyday. My life fell apart at the beginning of this year, with what I thought were solid foundations literally ripped out from under my feet. I have been a mess, and in quite a lot of pain all year, but now I am really ready to get going again and the #Blogtober challenge has been invaluable for making me get back into action. Having said that, much as I hope to continue Blogging, there is no way I will be doing it every day, I am pretty shattered now.

It was really great to have support and encouragement from Hay-Net #HorseBloggers throughout this month, giving us somewhere to share our posts with other likeminded people. Heather Wallace 'The Timid Rider' arranged a 'Blog Hop' for us, which I still don't quite understand, but allows me to give my readers a link to other blogs. Thanks to both of these I have read new blogs during this month, and I hope you have too.

I have mentioned this before, but I love 'Poo picking in the dark' for the insights of life for a blind person with horses. Really makes me think about how amazing these animals are, working with whoever comes along, no matter what their ability or limitations.

I always enjoy catching up with Equipepper and how she's getting on with her ROR Scottie.

Another I look out for is The Sand Arena Ballerina always interesting, and with an antipodean outlook, never a bad thing in my book.

There are way too many Blogs to mention, and I'll be honest, I haven't been able to read all that are on the Blog Hop link, though I am trying to catch up.

I have thanked a lot of people for their support during this challenge, but I have one more Thank You and it's for you, yes you, reading this. Thank you for sharing my ramblings, and if you have enjoyed them please keep an eye out for #connectwithyourhorse and #howtotrainyourhuman. I will be back.

Don't forget to check out some other #EquestrianBlogtober#EquestrianBlogtober blogs, click on the link below.

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