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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 4. Autumn essentials for you.

The leaves are falling & the days are getting shorter, it's time to get the warmer clothes out & prepare for the long dark. Autumn the time of year when I start to see the sun rise more regularly.

I don't know about you, but I love the crisp, dry, clear days we occasionally get. Cold & dry is much better than a bit warmer & wet.

However Autumn is the time I check the reliability of my waterproofs. Reproofing anything that can take it, or working out how much I need to save to replace the worn out coats and chaps.

In recent years water repellent material has been used by some manufacturers, and the ones I have by HKM are showerproof, wind proof & the fleece lining keeps me really warm, I just wish they would do a higher waist! May have to look into other makes this year.

I have been working outdoors for most of my adult life, and I have developed my 'keep warm' wardrobe more than any other part of it, especially the 'smart' bit!

For thermal base layers M&S does well for me. I have some lovely Ariat tops that are lovely & warm, they are often enough with a gilet to keep me warm working & riding. Coaching does need an extra layer - you can get really cold when you're not moving much.

My BHSAPC branded coat is very waterproof and warm. Weirdly my arms get too hot when I ride in it, the padding in the sleeves is too thick, but I didn't have to pay extra for it so it's OK.

So we come to the all important footwear! I guess my problem is when I'm fit & working my feet stay in the same boots apart from when I ride. I kill wellies. Cheap or expensive I'm lucky if they last me 3 months. I don't think driving in them helps!!

Last year I gave up and bought some Ariat Windermere's which are very comfortable, and lasted longer than similarly priced neoprene boots. I do still have a pair of Ariat wellies for when it's really wet and muddy.

My problem this year is I now have braces on both ankles, and really struggle to get long boots on unless they have a zip all the way down. 🙄 I may be stuck in ankle boots not done up properly and avoiding mud!

Oh yes, don't forget the socks! I love my Corrymoor socks. I wear them all year, thicker ones come out on really cold days. Made of goats hair, not wool, these socks keep my feet warm & dry, no smelly sweaty feet. Lots of colours to choose from.

So my tip for Autumn? Stay warm & dry!

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