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#Equestrianblogtober Day 6: Handling the season change

Anyone else notice a change in the weather today? Autumn has definitely arrived, unfortunately. We have been spoiled with lovely weather through September, now it's really time to make the changes needed for Autumn.

Horse Autumn
Misty Autumn morning

So this morning I woke up to the unwelcome sound of rain. I checked the weather on my trusty phone app and it predicted rain all day, temperature 8C with real feel 1C. With a couple of hours judging to do I knew it was time to get the thermals out, my poor writer was chilly, but I was OK. Hope you thawed out quickly Christine!

This is the time of year I am really grateful for the weather app, temperatures change so much, and wind chill factors need to be considered. Yet again I wonder how we managed without smart phones and the useful apps.

Autumn is an interesting time of year, temperatures start to drop and the days get shorter. For many equestrians it brings the end of their competing season, and I think many find it hard to stay positive, with all the negatives they know are coming. Few are lucky enough to have land to keep their horses out all year, and Autumn brings the time stables have to be bedded down, horses need extra food - hay/haylage as well as hard feed. the costs increase both in money, and the time we have to put in, with mucking out and all the yard jobs we don't need to do when they're turned out.

I think it's really important that we set ourselves goals for the winter, have something to work towards throughout the hard, long winter. This doesn't have to involve huge expense. If, like me, dressage is your thing, why not try to step up a level, using one of the online dressage competitions, so you can compete and get feedback without the expense of travelling.

Dressage Winner Horse
Rosettes from online dressage

Autumn is the time for hunter trials, if you are brave enough, giving us all a chance to ride over the country jumping natural fences, a last chance before the ground starts to get too wet and muddy. So if that sounds good to you, get out there, kick on and enjoy. I'll watch thanks.

Once the hunter trials are over, you need other goals if jumping is you love. Riding clubs run training in the evenings if they are able to hire an indoor school. This is a great way to ride, and do something different mid week after work. It is likely you will need transport, but joining a riding club is a great way to keep motivated, spending time with like minded individuals.

As a BHSAPC I am able to offer training not only in riding, but also horse care. The unpredictable weather of our lovely country makes this a really good time to brush up on your knowledge of the needs of your equine friend, and how best to provide for them.

British Horse Society Best Friend

I managed to pop in to the opening party for Black Nova Designs, who I hope will very soon be redesigning, and then hosting, my website. As I had the dogs in the car I didn't stay long, but as I drove home my head was buzzing with ideas for my own plans for this Autumn and winter, so I'm off now to try and get them down on paper.

Tomorrow I'm off judging again, to Wellington this time. Many judges have gone to the National Judges Seminar this weekend so they had to look further than usual. I would have gone to the Seminar, but Moulton college is a long trip from home for me, and I have no one to look after the dogs if I stayed away. So I'm off to Wellington. Hope I have enough energy to write a post when I get home.

Time will tell.

Don't forget to follow the link and check out the other equestrians attempting the #EquestrianBlogtober challenge

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