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#EquestrianBlogtober Day 9: Tip Tuesday

Dark Bay horse looking good  at the Sparsholt PetPlan Area Festival
Alfie competeing, but it's not me in the saddle.

This is supposed to be Autumn related but I'm being naughty, again. I have a very important tip, but it applies all year round, and it's something Equestrians don't like to think about, I know because I am one.

Many years ago (I was 16) the owner of the riding school where I learnt to ride had a quiet word with my parents. She was aware that some of her livery owners were asking me to exercise their horses. This was not a problem for her but she was worried about one thing. If the owner of the yard asked me to ride a horse, I was covered under her insurance. If the owner of the horse asked, I may not be covered.

It is as a result of that conversation I have always had an accident insurance policy guaranteeing me income if I am unable to work after an accident, especially one involving horses.

I know membership of the BHS, BE, BD, BS, Pony Club & now Harry Hall club includes insurance, but please read the small print, they cover catastrophic loses like a limb or your right. They don't cover income.

A cubicle in accident and emergency department
Waiting in a cubicle in A&E!

If you are unable to work statutory sick pay (if you get it) should cover your living costs, but what about your horse? Who's going to pay for the care your horse needs. A couple of weeks will probably be covered by friends, but what if you're off for months? In the winter!

My latest 'incident' has led to a long period of incapacity, and my insurance payments have covered the full livery costs for my horse, without it I don't know where I would be.

hospital patient wristband
They are keeping me in!!

Although I do not have insurance through them, anyone working with horses who does not currently have an income protection policy, please check out the British Grooms membership with insurance included.

I know we feel invulnerable, it'll never happen to us, especially when we're young, but incidents happen to us all, and it doesn't have to involve falling off, horses are big & strong, you can be knocked over, squashed, kicked, all sorts.

So please, make sure you're covered in case something annoying happens as well as if the worst should happen.

I'm sure there are more fun tips in blogs in the link below.

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