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Welcome to my #HorseBlogtober challenge blog.

I'm going to try to write a blog post every day this month for the #HorseBlogtober challenge.

Today, 1st October, I'm going to introduce myself, so good friends may want to catch tomorrow's blog for new stuff.

I was a pony mad kid and my poor Dad is still waiting for me to grow out of it.

I was extremely lucky to learn to ride in the National Trust Parkland that surrounds Dyrham House. We had so much fun galloping about on the ponies. My first job, for a year between school and college, was with Richard Meade (Harry was about 6!) While there I got to canter the event horses on the wonderful hills in the park. Boy I miss hacking out in that place.

I went to college to do an HND in Horse Studies and came home 6 years later with a Degree from Warwickshire College & Coventry university.

Proof that I did jump! This is my first horse, Biddy.

I gained my BHSAI while on placement during my degree, then managed to pass my 4 Stable Manager before diagnosis of MS in 2006.

My 2nd horse, Rodney, came to me as a 4 year old & was my first equine therapist after MS diagnosis.

I still need to resit the Dressage lesson for my 4 teach, and I'm looking forward to the new BHS system where I can focus on dressage & not have to jump. I failed my 4 jumping, and with MS affected balance I'm not going to try again.

I have done a lot of teaching & coaching since I left college & I'm told I am good, and patient, with nervous riders, and I love seeing confident partnerships develop between horse and rider. If I can be of help, then that's great.

I have worked as a groom alongside teaching since I graduated, caring for everything from hairy ponies to 4* event horses and I absolutely love being hands on with horses. Unfortunately, at the moment, I am struggling to get fit enough to do the full time hands on work I love, so am focussing on teaching & judging dressage.

Alfie is my third horse, currently at Talland, he is learning to be my new therapist, and doing a very good job.

There you are, a quick introduction to me.

I'm going to try to keep up with a daily blog this month so back tomorrow.


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