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When did you last leave the ground?

Ros, age 21, jumping her first horse, a thoroughbred mare called Biddy
I did jump, but it's been a year or two!

It's been a good few years since I jumped a horse. My MS has messed with my balance and to be completely honest I'm not sure I'll ever jump again, but a bit of me wants to.

There's nothing like that feeling of flying, and the trust you have in your horse to take on obstacles is there? Unfortunately age, and experience is not always our friend, and the thought of going to training with riders we see as younger and/or braver does not help to build confidence, particularly if we feel we are holding others back because we don't want to tackle the same heights as them

Would you like to get back in to it?

Would you want to start small? I mean really small, 30 cms, or 1ft to start with? Or even poles on the ground?

I'm going to run a "We Have Lift Off" course at Lacock Riding Centre in their lovely indoor school to get a group of like minded riders from trotting over poles on the ground to jumping a small course.

I am looking for up to 4 like minded riders who are going to support each other through this.

We will meet once a fortnight, with 6 training sessions leading up to Clear Round before Christmas.


When would you be available? I'm looking at Tuesday Lunchtime or early afternoon/evening or Thursday afternoon or evening.

Let me know when you are available.


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