Who am I?

So many answers to this question.

I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt. I am a horse & dog owner, and I am a friend.

I am a riding instructor, a dressage judge, and, for nearly 30 years, a groom.

Unfortunately I am also a Multiple Sclerosis warrior. I don't see myself as a sufferer and I'm definitely not a patient. It is due to my MS that I have had to cut back my work as a groom, something I hate to admit. The disease has effected my life, something I have been fighting since diagnosis.

I know there are people in my life who want to help, and don't know how. I'm sorry, I'm not about to help you because I don't know. I want to be allowed to do it myself. The wonderful students at Talland know this, most of them have been turned down when they have offered help, but they know I often need someone close by when I dismount, in case my leg gets stuck on the saddle.

How ridiculous is that? I have been riding for 40 years & suddenly I can't dismount? 😱

Over the last couple of years I have had setbacks, and been to a pretty dark place, like so many people before me. I have had wonderful support from my parents, and Pammy Hutton and her Talland team, who have cared for my horse, and kept me in the saddle,

Sandie Robertson has helped me find my new path and developed my confidence to the point I am starting to step outside my comfort zone without being pushed.

With great support I have changed my focus, but by no means turned my back on the last 30 years. I have a lot of experience with horses, and a lot of knowledge in my head which is all useless unless I share it, so that is what I am going to do, while continuing to learn and improve, as there is always something a horse can teach you.

I am working on upgrading from British Dressage list 5 to list 4, and I have just finished the Centre 10 course Advanced Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches, which has given me a whole new range of tools for my coaching toolbox

Photo of Alfie with Ros riding looking into the mirror.
A through the ears shot of Alfie looking into the mirror in the indoor arena at Talland School of Equitation

So, who am I?

I am Ros Dobson, and my mission now is to help people connect with their horses and enjoy them with confidence. Riding is expensive, and it is supposed to be fun, and I want to help bring the fun back wherever I can.

I am available for individual lessons/coaching at your yard, or I am running clinics, which I share on my RosDEquine Facebook page.

Please don't worry about the crutches, they are there to stop me falling over, there is nothing wrong with my head and the knowledge I am waiting to share.

An update, life has moved on, my horse has moved, and I am still coming to terms with various aspects of life that I cannot change and have to accept. This is still very hard for me sometimes but one thing I have rediscovered during this miserable, wet winter: I love coaching horses and their riders.

I always have, but I had forgotten, so to all of you who have attended clinics or training with me, thankyou for helping me rekindle my passion, and hopefully confirming my purpose.

#EquineCoach #AccreditedProfessionalCoach #BHSAPC #ConnectWithYourHorse

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