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How to Train your Human

Expect the unexpected.

Ponies (& horses) are not predictable. Just because we do something today does not mean we'll do it again tomorrow. It is very important that your Human understands this.

'Scary jump?'

Humans, especially small one's, need to understand that a jump that was easy yesterday may be scary today. Maybe the sun is making different shadows, maybe there's no reason other than I don't feel like jumping it today. 😋

Practise your jump evasion techniques. 

The sliding stop is a good one, leaving grooves in the surface, or slip marks on grass. Get this one spot on & you may send your rider over the jump without you. 😁

Steering failure is also fun, with a less balanced rider it is quite possible to tip them just enough off balance on a turn so you can take over the steering.

If you manage to do this it's really good fun to lock on to, and jump, a different fence.

Spooky hack 

Let's be honest, hacking out on a windy day with lots of rubbish bins out is great for spooking, particularly if we meet the rubbish eating lorry 😲 the problem with this is the humans will be expecting the spooks.

It's much more fun spooking at things the humans don't notice. My mate Alfie likes to spook at some types of shadow on the road. He's not a great fan of white markings on the road either.

Much like myself Alfie prefers to hack out with an equine friend, but if we do have to go alone, the world CAN be a much spookier place. Sometimes it's more fun to not spook. Humans may describe this as 'putting your brave pants on' but I just call it, 'taking them by surprise'.


Do I 'like' being clipped? Do I stand still & let 'her' get on with it or do I fidget? 

To be honest a lot depends on what kind of mood she's in. She can have a sense of humour failure when the clippers come out. It's easier to doze until she's finished. Just letting her know if the blades get too hot, or get blunt & start to pull.

The vet!!

Do we like the vet? They are often lovely kind humans BUT they stab us with needles & I've heard they stick their arms somewhere human arms should not go!!!

The problem with vets is they don't play fair, show signs of uncooperative behaviour & they stab you, then a couple of minutes later you're dozy & can't wake up. 😒

So my friends, I advise all equines to practice being as unpredictable as we can. 

Do you have any other suggestions of how we can be unpredictable? I'd love to hear about them in the comments😉

See ya, #LovetheMidge 

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