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Procrastination Pains

Hi there, how are you?

I'm starting a new week working on updating my website, having done an Aquafit class this morning to get my body moving after a sedentary weekend. So why am I writing a blog post? It gives me a reason to NOT be working on my website, which, let's face it, is not something I'm trained for, nor do I find it easy, though with practice I am getting better.

I'm going to be really honest now, about something you may find surprising. On the yard, in the arena, basically around horses, I keep busy & work hard.

At home, infront of my laptop, I am the Queen of procrastination. There's a book I 'need' to read, a video to watch, a blog post to write, all of these trump updating my website, writing emails, scheduling social media posts.

It's amazing how many ways I can waste time, playing with the dog does not count. The best bit about wasting time? I can beat myself up about it at the end of the day!

So what is the problem? What am I lacking? Well, that would be discipline. I'm training myself to make a plan, block out time for necessary activities and down time. How did I make it to this age without this skill? Well, on the yard, with horses dependant on me, I have the necessary discipline. Office work that only really affects me, much, much harder to self motivate.

Psychology training teaches us that we need to step out of our comfort zones to grow and learn, and I truly believe in the importance of life long learning. Anything that involves being hands on with horses is my comfort zone. It's safe to say technology is mostly outside my comfort zone. I'm learning, slowly, but there will always be more to learn. Website development is a science of its own, SEO haunts my dreams!

Other things interest me though. I really want to get a handle on virtual training, whether assessing video clips or coaching live sessions, mounted as well as unmounted. That's for future Ros. Back to procrastinating. How do I stop myself doing it so much?

I made the decision to invest in myself. I now have a coach who holds me accountable on these things, so you will all be seeing more regular communication from me, particularly via email, where I know you will get the information, rather than it getting lost in the social feeds. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be posting on Facebook, Instagram & I'm looking at Threads as Twitter has gone down hill, but email is a way to guarantee you get my news, so don't forget to sign up for news on the services you're interested in.

Now what else can I do to avoid the website update 🤔


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