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It's great to chat.

I'm home from a lovely catch up with a friend, who was a client. A lovely lady with a great outlook on life, and also a valuable supporter of mine. She gave me an honest reminder of why I coach, and what makes me different. Something I really needed today.

You see, like all coaches, my coaching is based in my experience. I have not competed at the highest standard. I have ridden some quality horses, but as a groom, not as a competitor.

I know what it takes to compete on the highest stage because I have seen it from the support team, and all the top riders have a support team behind them.

So what is my unique selling point (USP) as a coach?

To be honest, I'm useless at promoting this, but I'm going to start now and learn as I go along, as I have always done.

I am great at building my clients up. Mostly starting right at the beginning, helping those who have lost all belief in their ability to get back in the saddle.

Sometimes we spend a lot of time in walk, consolidating the belief that we do want to be in the saddle, we know what the aids are, and the horse responds to our aids.

Sometimes we don't get as far as tacking up. Our time is better spent discussing why we want to ride at all, and that is OK.

I love working with my clients, facing whatever issues arise together as a team. Sometimes the changes come easily, sometimes they take more time. The one thing that I love to hate is the time when my clients need to move on to other coaches who help them move on with their journey. I love it because it means I have done my job. I hate it because... well who likes losing clients? Though I see it as clients moving on, and I hope they know that they can always come to me if they have a confidence wobble and need a boost.

Now, don't get me wrong, I won't give false praise, saying something is great when it isn't. I will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, but what I am really good at is knowing when to push, and how hard, to get you moving. There is nothing worse than overfacing a horse and rider, but if a coach doesn't encourage you to develop and expand your comfort zone they are not doing you any favours.

Now, how do I promote my USP? My biggest problem is something I had to face myself. You see, before you ask for help, you have to acknowledge that you need it.

For me, it was acknowledging that I needed help with my business, and dealing with issues in my life away from horses.

I saw posts by life coaches and business coaches, and could see that they had some good points, then we came to obstacle number 2 - the cost! I couldn't afford the help I needed.

It took me too long to understanding that, although finding the money was not easy, I couldn't afford NOT to get the help of a life coach.

Once I had better understanding of my personal issues, I knew I needed business help too. The 2 coaches I work with are as important to me as any riding coach, or judging coach. Without them I would still be in a constant state of hibernation, hiding from the world and with constant cash flow worries. Now I feel positive about the path my life is on, and no longer dread checking the bank balance.

Now my question for you is how can I help you?

Are you ready to identify the boundaries of your comfort zone, and maybe work on expanding it?

I promise to be with you for the long haul, even if you move onto coaches new.


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