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Life is a roller coaster, you just gotta ride it!

Ever feel that the path your life is following is out of your control? It's going to fast, or too slow? You feel you have more downs than ups?

I'm with you. The more I work to get control back the harder the struggle seems to become.

Being a woman of a certain age (don't ask, it's rude), I have been trying to cope with the wonderful changes caused by the menopause. Hot flushes were a while ago, but mood swings, lack of sleep, difficulty losing weight, all of these are making life more interesting than just dealing with MS.

It's easy to blame MS for my issues, but I thank God for the wonderful GP at my surgery who, when I mentioned HRT to her said "aren't you already on it?"

A colleague of hers had told me I needed to lose weight before starting. I have managed to lose some weight, but not much. She sent me home with HRT & my mood has been more even since. Sleep is still an issue, and I need to get weight loss back on track, buy I'm feeling more positive about it.

Getting areas of your life under control can be really tough, and I have a couple of people, who are not family, who I turn to when I need help redirecting myself. They both listen, help me make plans, and hold me accountable for taking the necessary steps we have identified.

Neither of these help me for free, but the investment is paying me back now, and I don't regret taking the step to work with them. I do regret that it took me so long to take the plunge. I am now in a position where people I have chosen hold me accountable in my business and my mindset. I do not allow the opinions of people I have not chosen to influence the decisions I make.

The best athletes all have coaches they trust to tell them how their performance looks, and where it may be possible to make improvements. The important word in that sentence is 'trust'. Who do you trust to be your eyes on the ground? Who do you give permission to hold you accountable? Who will anchor you when you're flying high, or build you up when you hit the bottom?


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