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Horse Project 'Back in the Saddle'

Have you noticed its HOT? 

Any form of exercise is really hard in this weather. The two and a half hour round trip to see Alfie is really tough when the air conditioning in the car isn't working.

So I've been in the pool! Swimming lengths on Monday then Aqua Zumba

The only way my rubbish balance will let me do Zumba is when I have the water to support me.

If I could do more Aqua Zumba I would, but I have started Deep water Aqua Fit on Wednesdays - which I really enjoy too.

Any time in the pool is a blessing in this weather.

Hopefully will get to see Alfie tomorrow after an appointment with my neurologist. I have a horrible feeling he's going to want a new MRI scan of my head. My least favourite thing 😣

P.s I am now looking for an exercise bike, if anyone is selling or can recommend a good one. Preferably one that can fold up & not take up too much space.

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