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Do you fancy dancing with your horse, to your own floorplan with your choice of music?


  • Step 1 - identify your horses tempo (beats per minute)                 in each pace.

​We need to know the BPM for each pace to choose music that suits.

  • Step 2 - design your floor plan

​Look at the requirements for the level you want to compete at and design a floor plan that allows you to show off your horses strong points while masking the bit that are not as good.

  • Step 3 - produce the music to fit the floor plan.

You may choose to do this yourself, or you may choose to invest in having it done professionally.

I am planning a mini course of 3 sessions for any rider, riding at Intro to Elementary, possibly higher, who would like to try Freestyle Dressage or Dressage to music.

We will get together, in an indoor arena, to discuss and test out suitable floorplans and music. working in small groups so we can support each other and see how different horses benefit from different music.


A good freestyle floor plan needs thinking about, and choosing the music then editing it to fit the floor plan takes time.

I am going to guide you every step of the way, even if you do decide to invest in professional assistance with the music.

I know one local riding club is going to start running freestyle classes at their dressage shows, and I like to think that if it is clear there is demand for this, more will follow suit.

At Intro level the arena required is 40x20, all other levels require a 60x20 arena. I plan on working with groups of 4, so will need 4 riders at Intro for each session in a short arena, we can mix groups in the long arena, but ideally 4 riders at Prelim, 4 at Novice and 4 at Elementary.

Prices will depend on the cost of arena hire.

Please email me if you are interested in this course.

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