My Story So Far

If you focus on results, you will never

2020 was an unusual year, with many people having a chance to take a look at their lives and where they want to go.

I very much enjoy Dressage judging and hope to continue moving up the lists, but I also enjoy coaching. During lockdown I have decided to keep an eye on the balance I have between judging and teaching, particularly at the weekends, so keep an eye out for more weekend clinics in future.

I am also actively looking into completing the BHS Level 4 dressage coach qualification and hopefully moving on to level 5.

Unfortunately 2021 has continued where 20 left off. I am continuing to study, aiming for my BHS Stage 4 Management Assessment at the end of March, which is a virtual assessment.

Virtual BD judge training is continuing, but the exams themselves are still on hold

For many years clients have told me I should study Psychology.  So much of helping a horse and rider improve is about helping with mindset, and often helping when confidence is lost.  In September 2018 I became aware of a course called Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches being run by an organisation called Centre 10 and led by Charlie Unwin.  I applied, and was accepted.  I finished the course in September 2019 and it has had a profound effect on my coaching, and many areas of my life.  The chance to study with a group of likeminded coaches and explore different approaches to learning has been eye opening to say the least.

I am glad to say I am going to stay in touch with Centre 10 through their Coaching Hub, and with the good friends I have made.



​I have a BA Hons from Coventry University and Warwickshire College in Equine Business Management.

My British Horse Society Qualifications include BHSAI and Intermediate Stable Managers Certificate.

As a BHS registered Instructor I hold a current First Aid qualification and attend regular continual professional development training.

Now very proud to be a list 5 BD Dressage judge




Having learnt to ride as a child, I knew from a young age that I wanted to make working with horses my career.  Helping to teach children at the riding school where I learnt to ride gave me a solid grounding and awareness of the extra help needed by the very nervous and the over confident.


Studying for a degree in Equine Studies at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell, produced a detailed knowledge of horses and how they work from the cellular level up.  It took me by surprise when I realised how much this information helped me with my teaching.  Knowing exactly how the horse performs each of the tasks we ask of it enables me to see exactly how the rider is allowing, or blocking, the movement required.


As a groom I have produced ponies for all pony club activities, hunters, dressage horses and eventers from Intro to 4* level and the World Championships.  My chosen discipline for competing myself is dressage.  Beside competing I am also developing my skills as a dressage judge.

Pat Burgess Training
Pat Burgess Training

My first horse training with Pat Burgess at Hartley wood.

Jumping fun with Biddy
Jumping fun with Biddy


Pat Burgess Training
Pat Burgess Training

My first horse training with Pat Burgess at Hartley wood.

Other Training
Animal Communication



​I have been lucky enough to attend 2 courses in Animal Communication led by Safaya Salter. The courses were a little different, but opened both my eyes, and mind to new ways of understanding the amazing animals we work with.  I have worked with Safaya several times, and always benefited from her help and guidance.



Systematic Kinesiology



​Treatments from a Clinical Kinesiologist helped me with several physical problems, and led me to wonder how much it could be used with horses.  I completed the Foundation Course of Systematic Kinesiology run by The Association of Systematic Kinesiology, and although I am not a practitioner, I do use the knowledge in a lot of my work.