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Online Courses through the Equestrian Athletes Coaching Team 

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I am proud to be working with a team of like minded coaches, all Centre 10 colleagues, to bring my clients online content to help boost confidence and performance.

Currently I have 2 free courses available, with 'Maximise Your Marks' coming soon.

In one course I look at circles and how to ride them accurately, and in the other we consider the extra space in the long arena and why you should not be put off by it.

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  • Do you get similar comments on your test sheets?

  • Do you wonder how to get an 8, maybe a 9, or that rare thing, a 10?

  • D you ever wonder what it is the judge is looking for?

I have been judging for many years as an unaffiliated judge, and 3 years ago I became a List 5 BD judge, this means I can judge up to Novice BD classes and up to Novice BE.  I am training to gain List 4 which will allow me to judge up to Elementary.

I am also a coach, and I really enjoy helping my clients move up through the levels.

Recently it has become clear to me that many competitors are losing marks for similar errors when they present a test. Some of these errors require consistent training to correct, but some are misunderstandings on the part of the rider that are easily corrected, but need to be pointed out.

A common area for misunderstanding is the geometry of the arena and how the required shaped fit into it, whether a 40 x 20 or 60 x 20.  Many riders are wary of riding a test in the long arena, and this is often due to a lack of understanding of where a 20m circle should go for example.  If you are one of these riders, please know you are not alone. Not all riders have access to a long arena to practice in, so it is important to understand the positioning of circles and shapes before you compete in one.

Geometry is just one area of test riding that often needs polishing, and it is one of the topics addressed in my online course in which I hope to increase your understanding of what it is the judge is looking for, and how to avoid throwing away marks with small, easily corrected errors.

I am currently working on making this a course available purely virtually, though I will be building a community for feedback, to make it as interactive as I can while keeping it available whenever you want to access it.

Course costs to be confirmed.

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