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Reclaim the rider you used to be, whether you want to compete, or hack out with confidence again.

It is easy to lose confidence in your ability in the saddle, and rebuilding that confidence can be a tough task.

My patience as a coach has enabled me to help many clients find their confidence and get back the joy they have in riding their horses. However it does involve a lot of standing still and chatting taking valuable time out of a mounted session.

These unmounted sessions are more effective as we do not have to worry about how the horse is behaving, and we can focus on your thoughts and feelings and how to address them.


Several of my clients suggested I should study psychology as I was good at guiding them through issues they had with confidence in their riding. I came across the Centre 10 Applied Psychology for Equestrian Coaches course, which helped develop my understanding of how equestrian atheltes can develop their performance in the saddle, whether their goal is to hack with confidence or compete for Olympic medals. I continue to train with Centre 10 to keep my skills up to date, and I have now completed a course in Equestrian Mindset coaching which I feel complements my Centre 10 training.

Imagine enjoying every moment you get to spend with your horse, feeling excited about every chance you get to ride. Looking forward to going for that hack, planning where you are going to go to enjoy a good canter. Planning a competition campaign and feeling confident about sending the entries in.

Would you remember why you became a horse owner? What would it mean to you to get your confidence back?

Do you feel that you

  • lack confidence in the saddle.

  • lack direction in training.

  • want to lose weight and/or develop fitness

  • are struggling in any area of life, not just with your horse

Introducing "Reset Your Mindset"

The next 4 week course, run through Zoom, is starting on Wednesday 10th January 2024 at 7.30pm

This course has only 6 places and the early bird price paid by 31st Dec 2023, is £77.00.

Full price is £97.00. Click on the link below to book your place.

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Mindset Matters - Strive for Progress not Perfection

I have slots for 1 to 1 sessions available in my diary for online mindset sessions, click on the Book Here button to see when these are. 

If you prefer to meet face to face contact me to arrange a time and place. 

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