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MegaSpecial on a horse hunt

Boy I miss my pony (who wouldn't miss that face?)

I had an amazing lesson at Talland School of Equitation ( yesterday on one of their lovely schoolmasters. Although I have hacked out on the Tuckers lovely horse Ed over the past 7 weeks, this was the first time I had ridden in the school and it hurt!

I was expecting some muscular complaints, what I wasn't expecting was the lack of co-operation from my legs, particularly my ankles, while I was riding. Multiple Sclerosis affects balance, and mine was all over the place in trot yesterday, so badly that I kept having to come back to walk to sort it out. That was ridiculous, I've been riding for nearly 40 years for crying out loud, I can do rising trot. Well, I could do rising trot, this particular horse has a very bouncy trot, going 'up' much more than forwards, and my stupid legs wouldn't make him go forwards, then if they did I lost my balance. Frustrating? I should say so.

So the horse hunt goes on with confirmation of some requirements, and awareness of some other important ones.

I have a very reasonable budget, but not enough for a superstar, not that I want a really big moving horse that's guaranteed to qualify for regionals and nationals. I need a smooth moving, amenable person who will learn to help me, not take the micky! If I ever jump again it's going to take a REALLY special character, but others may leave the ground, and I need a horse I can trust to behave with other riders hacking it out on the days my body isn't up to riding.

It's also important that my horse doesn't mind not being ridden for a day or two, though it will always be turned out if not ridden, whatever the weather, thanks to my wonderful livery yard which never stops us turning out.

Although I know I need to wait for the right horse, I also know that my body needs to keep riding, use it or lose it really seems to apply to this MSer.

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