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How to Train your Human.

Part 2. No two the same.

Humans have very different personalities and their personality traits must be assessed before training begins.

I will try to condense the different personality types, but remember they can span several of the types I will explain.

Quietly Confident 

My favourite group to work with. These humans want to learn. Signals can be subtle, just like signalling another pony. 

They will quickly learn to understand the flick of an ear indicating interest, a stamping foot for boredom, and of course a gentle nuzzle looking for treats.

See what I mean about gentle nuzzle?Alfie encouraged her hand to the treat pocket. This is a very well trained human who has treats in her pocket more often than not.

These humans normally try to work with us when they are riding, so they are easy to train to use the most subtle aids, making the whole thing more comfortable for us.

While training these sensitive humans it is important to keep gestures small. Nuzzle, but don't use your teeth. While doing some mutual grooming with another pony, I know when he uses his teeth to apply more pressure he is telling me that I've hit 'the' spot.

Humans have more sensitive skin & use of teeth may at worst have a violent response, at best the human will stop grooming rather than continuing a bit harder.  Instead of biting try waving your top lip. Sticking your nose out & turning your head on its side can work too.

Though these humans are confident, and relatively easy to train, that confidence can be easily lost, particularly while they are small. It is important that sudden moves are kept to a minimum if at all possible. Try at all times to avoid hurting your human. As they are fragile this is easily done.

Now I'm going to think about the next group, 'over confident' humans. Hopefully I can find a photo of her being overconfident, in case she gets too big for her boots about having her picture in this one.

See you soon. 


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