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How to Train your Human

Part 2 continued.

As I mentioned last time, no 2 humans are the same. Unfortunately their personalities can change from day to day as well. Over confident humans are a very good example. 

Over confident humans can be loud, very annoying, and give you a serious urge to take them down a peg or 3. Now I understand this feeling and sometimes disciplinary action may be required BUT it may be the worst move you make with your human.

Having my senior human on crutches is not good for the standard of pony care. Mints have been seriously lacking in my diet!

Humans struggling with fear may appear loud and overconfident. If fear is the cause it is very important that you work calmly, encouraging them to relax and let you help them overcome the fear, however irrational you may think it is.

The restraint required for this is not easy, but to succeed as a human trainer you must learn how to achieve it.

On the other hand if the human is truly over confident, loud and, let's face it, obnoxious then feel free to embarrass them. 

Humans have a saying 'pride comes before a fall'. We are perfectly positioned to help fulfill this saying.

A fall into a puddle might do the trick. A well placed 'shunt' into the muck heap works well too. This is best done in the presence of other humans to achieve maximum embarrassment. It is best to avoid physical injury to your human if possible.

I'll look into handling the nervous one's more next time. 

New field means extra grass to eat!

See y'all


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