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Horse Project 'Back in the saddle'

You have to start some where so I started here. 

Back on board, only for a couple of minutes, and only walking. Baby steps but a huge leap for me. Why? I'll explain.

2018 did not start all that well. The end of January found me in hospital with a fractured pelvis they told me was more than 5 months old when they found it.  This explained a lot about why I had been struggling to work, and I had been blaming my Multiple Sclerosis!

4 days in hospital, then home & looking for homes for Alfie & Midge as I was unable to look after them. As  the DIY yard owner had told me I wasn't able to provide livery care anymore, after more than 4 years of doing it, new homes for the equines were going to be permanent.

People can let you down, but some step up to the mark & offer help when you need it.

Thanks to such people Alfie went to Talland where he is 'manning up' and Midge is sharing a field with retired racehorses.

So equines sorted - what about me?  Lots of pain from pelvis and frustration with legs refusing to hold me up for no reason. MS can be so annoying, embarrassing and debilitating. Not being able to be working with the horses was not good for me. I miss them.

Midge is fairly close, though it's quite a walk to his field. It's harder to get to Alfie - 2 1/2 hour roundtrip to see him.

As well as missing my horse time I was worried about work. What am I going to do when I'm fit? 

I have used this time to finally sit & pass my judging exams, achieving list 5.

I've also been attending BHS training and am considering trying to do more BHS exams, though I'm not sure MS is going to be helpful for those.

Ok, so I've given you some background. I'm setting out on the road to rebuild my life. Get back to work, get out competing on my beautiful horse, maybe with para dressage classification.

I have an appointment with a personal trainer on Monday morning to help get this frustrating body of mine as fit as it can be.

I don't like pictures of myself but this is me, today, Saturday 16th June 2018. Hopefully there will be proof of me toning up & slimming down. Helping me become a better rider again.

Please feel free to join me on this journey. I have to admit I'm a little scared. What if my body gives up on me? 

Or if I lose confidence on my horse?

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