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How to Train your Human

Part 2 No two the same continued The nervous human

It can be difficult to tell if your human is nervous, they often try to hide it.  Small humans may be louder than usual to hide nerves. An older human is more likely to be quiet, and in extreme cases shaking. 

It is important to keep calm and move slowly and smoothly. Try to avoid startling them, especially if they surprise You, not easy, I know. 

Your humans confidence is easily lost, and very hard to regain, so do your best to be patient with them. Slowly encourage them in the right direction, and forgive any slight backwards steps in the training, these happen, let the human know it's OK and pick up where you left off.

Always remember, 


When they start truly developing confidence, you can start to enjoy your time with them more.

Who doesn't like a bath on a hot day? Little person loved it, even though she got wet. (Not my fault, honest 😉)

See ya


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