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How to Train your Human

Communication is key!

Humans like to think they understand us, but a few of them do. They need to learn that it is so much more than where the ears are, or what a tail is doing.

Pricked ears can be telling them we have spotted a monster on the horizon and need to get ready to run. 

Ears back can simply mean we're dozing. 

They have to learn to consider our whole body. So many different nuances you may have to be very patient while your Human works them out! 

A big problem for us is humans rely on talking verbally to each other, they don't pay enough attention to body positioning & movements. 

Some learn quicker than others, but we always have to be patient while they learn to read our signs.

While they are learning there are opportunities for entertainment, standing on a toe while the girth is being done up is one of my favourites 😉

 When your Human starts to understand our language life with them becomes much easier.  

I'm off to try to cool down.

Ps. Even though I'm a pony I'm supporting those lovely people at Hay-net who have helped me so much. 

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