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What a year! (So far)

We had a rubbish start to 2018. Now in new homes, Alfie over an hours drive away & me living with a retired ex-racer. Obviously I'm having a great time charming all the lovely ladies who work with the racehorses in training.

She was in hospital for 4 days, then released but with a fractured pelvis they had 'missed' last summer. Still not right, she should get results of her MRI scan on Friday.  Hooves crossed that gives some answers.

As she couldn't ride Alfie got sent to The Talland School of Equitation to 'man up & grow a pair' whatever that means.

He's having a lovely time being ridden by Raffi.

He gets to jump too!

She hasn't wasted her down time.

Stressful exams not-withstanding she is now a list 5 BD Dressage judge.

Harriberry is very proud.

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