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Horse Project 'Back in the Saddle

Friday 22nd June 2018

It's been nearly a week since my last post & to be honest I feel a lot like Bertie looks in this picture. 

I had my first session with personal trainer Helen Peterimedes today. Lots of balance work. Some core & upper body strengthening and some cardiovascular work on the bike and the CROSS-TRAINER.

I am now hurting. To be honest I was expecting some pain, after all I haven't done that sort of exercise for ages. 

I was not expecting the pain in my right hip. It was the left side of my pelvis I fractured so why does the right side hurt?

A lot of the exercises Helen gave me I can do at home. I wonder how much an exercise bike is? Although Helen says my balance is better than she expected, I really don't think me on a bicycle on the road is a good idea.

I'm off up to Talland to sit on my pony tomorrow, fortunately he is quite capable of carrying me, but I want to trim down.

See you soon

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