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Horse owner? When did you last treat yourself?

There is a common belief that all horse owners are rich, funny, I know. Many of us go without so the beast in the stable can be kept in the manner to which it has become accustomed.

Be honest, you know what I'm talking about.

He is stunning, but he has to be fed & housed, currently as a guest at Talland  As a result of strained suspensory ligaments he now needs specialist shoeing. His rug wardrobe is impressive, mostly Horseware Ireland with some Snuggy Hoods.

He has 2 bridles from Kate Negus. 

His  Ideal Suzannah doesn't really fit anymore so I'm looking for ways to fund a new saddle. 

Non of this leaves much to spend on me. The thing is, due to circumstances beyond my control, I actually had some money in the bank this year. Given the choice I would rather have my health, but as it is, I had a chance to treat myself.

I have always had hyper-mobile joints. Now that MS has messed up my balance I have found that I manage better when wearing ankle braces.

The problem with these is I can't get my boots on! Ankle boots with zips, I can't do the zips up. The only long boots I could get on were my Ariat Grassmeres as they lace all the way up.

So I spoiled myself. I went to visit Gina at Equiclass and was measured up for a pair of boots, which I picked up on Monday.

I rode in them on Tuesday, and they are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. They fit over the braces & zip all the way down at the back so are easy to put on & take off.

So seriously, all horse owners, find a way to treat yourself. Owning a horse is a commitment, an investment of money, time & emotion. I know you wouldn't be without your horse, but look after you too.

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