Accuracy in Dressage

I have been judging Dressage for several years now, and I am working to move up the judges lists. At the moment I judge up to Novice for both British Dressage and British Eventing. In unaffiliated competitions I have judged much higher levels, but that's not what this post is about.

Geometry of the Long Arena Promotional Image

Last summer I was judging Novice 23, the test being used for the Area festivals. This test includes 15 metre circles at A & C in trot. On one particular day I had 31 or 32 in the class, and I saw 3 correctly positioned & sized circles at A.

That's 10% of the class. 90% rode circles that were too small, poorly positioned or too large.

This, combined with discussions I have fairly regularly with people who feel daunted by the long arena is why I have planned a Zoom presentation on the geometry of the long arena.

I hope to help all who join me to feel confident when they ride down that long centre line, that they know where they are going. I find the extra room gives me more time and space to prepare for movements, and if you get it right at Prelim & Novice level then the more complex movements at the higher levels are easier to ride too.

My plan is to produce a series of Zoom presentations on "Where do the marks go?" For the winter evenings, to show you, online using diagrams & video clips, where the common problems are, and what the judge can see (& what they can't!), & how to use the arena to help you correct them.

To join me for my Geometry session, I am doing it twice, Sunday 2nd August at 2.00pm and if you can't make that, I hope you can join me at 7.30pm on Thursday 6th August.

I am giving a 50% price reduction for this, my First presentation, so the cost is £5 per person.

To book a place please click the link to my Bookwhen, you will also see that you can book 1 to 1 or group session slots using this page.

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