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Where do the Mark's go?

Although sometimes it feels like they are the enemy dressage judges do want to award you high marks (honestly, we do).

So where do the marks go?

As horses are all individuals with their own opinions, Mark's can be lost when horse & rider have a difference of opinion & these cannot be planned for. There are issues that can be corrected at home in training and the first of those is accuracy.

In the short arena there are 4 points a 20 metre diameter circle can start from, A,E,C & E

Unfortunately circles at A & C often become squircles, with the horse appearing to be "sucked" into the corners.

There are many other accuracy issues I see repeatedly when I am judging. If you would like to know more I am going to be running some unmounted sessions looking at the geometry of dressage arenas & how to improve accuracy.

I will also be running mounted sessions focussing on different tests for different levels, Intro, Preliminary and Novice. Watch the Website and Facebook page for dates.


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